We provide useful information and more about emmer, the original grain.

From cultivation to the role of emmer in the diet to cooking and baking recipes, you´ll learn everything you need to know about this ancient crop plant - including professional tips.

What is emmer?

Emmer is a prototype for modern cereal grains. Its origin dates back several thousand years. It´s no wonder that it´s known as the “ancient grain” or “Urkorn”. After a long absence in large-scale agriculture, farmers have rediscovered this grain and have engineered a comeback. Learn everything about emmer right here.

Emmer in the diet

Cereals such as wheat, spelt or oats have fixed places in today’s diet. So why choose emmer? There are many good reasons for using emmer in the home kitchen. Learn more about these reasons.

Emmer products

Post-harvest is pre-consumption. In the mill, grain is processed into various products, such as flour or flakes. These can be used in the home kitchen as an ingredient for bread, cakes, etc. Have a look.


Emmer Urkorn